Essential Communities

The 300 members of America’s Essential Hospitals provide services vital to the health of their communities. But they recognize that the health of a community depends not only upon their care, but on many other factors—including a variety of social determinants of health.

More and more, our hospitals reach beyond their walls to understand what promotes or hinders health in their community and to partner with local organizations to deliver community-integrated health care. Essential people. Essential hospitals. Essential communities.

Here, it all comes together: Essential Communities is a hub for resources, examples, and learning opportunities. It is a gathering place for essential hospitals, their community partners, and anyone who wishes to learn more about how a community can foster health.


Support for our Essential Communities work was provided in part by Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and by The Kresge Foundation


America’s Essential Hospitals is the leading association and champion for hospitals and health systems dedicated to high-quality care for all, including the most vulnerable. Essential Hospitals Institute leads research, education, dissemination, and leadership development for America’s Essential Hospitals. To advance the quality, equity, safety, and affordability of care at essential hospitals, the Institute identifies promising practices in the field, provides professional development training, promotes practice improvements, and disseminates innovative approaches to care. It does this with an eye toward improving individual and population health, especially for underrepresented and marginalized people and communities.